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The Atlantis Collection

This collection is a photographic sailing journey across the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Yobalema, a prototype Trimaran. The adventure begins in Guadeloupe, stuck there over a month without a single plane home in sight for the next coming months, an experienced photographer but without high seas experience gets a place on an amazing boat to begin an adventure that changed his life.. The journey back home to Europe from the Carribbean during the 2020 lockdowns lasts over 45 days during which this pirate tries to gather as much loot of beauty and wonders from the ocean.

While the world is at rest, he decides to take his friends and followers on this journey with him, posting tropical birds, sailor moons, islands at dawn, remote beaches, places that can only be seen from the Sea!

French British Renaissance man, VJ, Photographer, Film maker, Singer, Musician, Composer, Producer, Acoustic, Sound and Video Engineer, he has been making digital Artwork since the beginning of the internet.

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Mar 2022
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