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The Adaptive: The 5000 Spotlight Edition

The Adaptive: The 5000 Phase 2 of The Adaptive has launched on Bitski:

The original 25 The Adaptive Token owners issued on Open Sea Will be airdropped copies of the new The Adaptive Token from The Maritime Vintage Bitski contract.

Please keep the original 25 adaptive tokens as we will be treating them as spotlight tokens. More information to come.

In May 2021, the digital artist known as Duncan Blaise set out to create and launch a work of art that incorporates the works of 5000 of the greatest artists on the planet.

The “Adaptive” will incorporate 5000 (one-of-one) original art pieces from both established and up-and-coming artists into ✨"The Adaptive"✨.

✨"The Adaptive"✨ on Bitski:

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Total items
May 2021
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