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The Whistleblower Collection

This memorable collection of NFTs represents iconic images of the greatest whistleblowers in world history. These people changed the course of history and now you can own a piece of history with these unique pieces.

Ellsberg, Assange, Manning, Snowden and more! Each NFT image contains a different thought-provoking quote from the prominent whistleblower along with a picture.

25% of all NFT revenues generated from the Whistleblowers Collection will be donated to the official Wikileaks and Julian Assange Defense Fund. This includes ANY NFT revenue from the Whistleblowers Collection. Please consider this when making your bid for your favorite, unique whistleblower NFT.

Each NFT has been lovingly created and is unique. Hopefully we have captured the courage and inspiration of the men and women who made heroic sacrifices.

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Apr 2021
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