The Unforgiving City

The Unforgiving City,

The Big City, is a place that people are drawn to from every walk of life. It’s a manmade forest of buildings always growing, always taking, always talking.

The days can be gloomy but filled with energy, the nights can be exotic and dangerous if you’re looking for trouble. In the future things move fast, new technologies fuel greed, wealth and power. The Unforgiving City is a series of hand painted artworks the city. Each piece is scanned at a stunning 4k resolution and digitally painted, animated featuring an original music score for each unique 30 second animation. The unlockable content is a high resolution version of the artwork. With an NFT collection of only 100, they are very rare. 1/1 unique pieces of artwork with only 32 minted of 100 so far. Priced to sell. "Linder's impressive body of work just blew up with the release of his NFT's" ~ NFT Star

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