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"The square collection"

Regarding configuration, it consists of some variants, in example it would be: each background has a 25% chance of appearing, color one 94.5%, color two 100%, color three 100%, color four 100% , color five 67.5% and color six 11.5%, but each color has its unique pattern, color one has 8 different patterns just like color two, three and four, color five has 4 patterns and color six has 6 patterns.

The rarity in this case is the lack of color, for example: No Background 11% chance: Rare, No color one 1.5% chance: Super Rare Colors two, three and four there is no absence, No color five chance of 32.5%: Uncommon, In the case of color six it is if it presents it, its probability is 11.5%: Rare, If a square has more than one of these probabilities in its configuration, its rarity increases to mythical.


200 items