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The Royals

(Collection of 3,000)

The Royals NFT is the first luxury travel NFT to showcase African culture, provide authentic IRL experiences on the continent, and host exclusive events globally. By becoming a Royal, you are joining a new Royal Family on the blockchain that welcomes everyone.

Each NFT in our first collection offers unmatched IRL travel utility to Ghana and includes an invitation to the Royal Gala December 2022. Kente and Ankara are the only NFT collections ever made that have travel utility that lasts forever.

“Kente” is the royal fabric in Ghana. Anyone who sees you wearing Kente will acknowledge your Royal Status. Kente is our luxury NFT.

“Ankara” represents vivid and colorful patterns that celebrate African culture and represents high class, fashion, and style. Ankara is our premiere NFT collection.

Artist: Leah Ibrahim Sams

Mar 2022
Creator earnings
  • Token type: Ankara