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The Persepolis Collection

My name is Sepehr Haddad and I am a Universal Music Group recording artist (with the Billboard chart-topping duo of 'Shahin & Sepehr'), and an award-winning author with Appleyard & Sons Publishing. In 2010, I traveled to Iran (Persia) to conduct research for my book "A Hundred Sweet Promises" published in 2021. The novel has received literary honors from the American Writing Awards and the Historical Fiction Press Awards and is now a Top Ten bestseller in historical fiction. My journey led me to the ancient capital of the Persian Empire, Persepolis. Persepolis (Old Persian: 𐎱𐎠𐎼𐎿, Pārsa; New Persian: تخت جمشید), was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550–330 BC). Persepolis is derived from Ancient Greek: (Πέρσης) and pólis (πόλις), meaning "the Persian city" or "the city of the Persians." I was able to access the site when there were no tourists and spent hours photographing the historical ruins and used those images to create the following crypto art designs.

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