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The Pamela Chandler (1928-1993) NFT photo collection

Performing Arts Images are releasing first limited set of 30 highly sought after NFTs. These Digital works of studio and theatre photographer Pamela Chandler’s feature famous portraiture from the 1950s & 60s include Sean Connery, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charlotte Rampling, Jean Cocteau & more

Own an NFT with full copyright, entitling the successful buyer to use the image commercially, build an income through licensing, or as art in your own metaverse space. When you own the copyright, the options are endless!

Our expertise in turning historic photography into collectible NFTs is impossible to recreate & replicate. Each image is meticulously scanned from the original negative allowing any natural degeneration to inform the skill of the photographer creating a unique piece of art! The image negative will be sent from the UK with a certificate verifying ownership.

Chandler’s work is in the National Portrait Gallery Permanent Collection, is it in yours?

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