The New Gods of Crypto

The old and petty gods of finance are dead... And their thrones are left warm and wanting. Far stronger and stranger Gods await... and their unknowable machinations demand courage and capital. Build your blockchain empire stone by stone in honor of The New Gods of Crypto.

Made by legendary award-winning video game Artist & Art Director John "The Wingless" Burnett (Midway Games, Electronic Arts, id Software, Activision, Microsoft), The New Gods of Crypto is part of an ongoing series of blockchain influenced artwork that straddles the world of games, toys, crypto, the macabre and the rise of the revolutionary.

Each beautiful creation is stunningly realized pixel by pixel, lavishly expanded to 640 x 640 (a 500% increase) with 4 lush frames of animation - polished with traditional techniques from the 8 and 16-bit era of a bygone age...

I'm always interested in your questions, concepts, and ideas for special private collections. Other similarly cool stuff on my site.

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