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The Mintarea Project

Hologram Kizzie and Bionik are pals from Villcha, a land full of devastation and exhaustion. Villcha was once thriving, but big corporations and rampant greed have drained it of most of its resources. Kizzie and Bionik are artists who love where they're from, but know they have to forge a new path in order to succeed.

"Mintarea" is the story of a mostly barren, virtually unknown land where Kizzie and Bionik can build a better future for themselves. Their mission is not without its obstacles, but every step they take creates interesting and curious opportunities.

Collection 02 from The Mintarea Project continues the story of Hologram Kizzie and Bionik's triumphant journey through a new and promising land called Mintarea.

"Villchan Graffiti" is the next song in a tale of two artists following their path against all odds, celebrating all the colorful beings they meet along the way. If you've been following, you'll hear a special shoutout to our first collector. Join us in Mintarea!

May 2022
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