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The Martians: Metaverse

The Martians: Metaverse is a collection of only 5,000 programmatically generated Martian NFTs. The Martian NFT holders can participate in exclusive events such as raffles, community events, and a ticket to early access into Mellow, the metaverse game developed by The Mars team.

Mellow is soon to be released with scarcely distributed lands in the Colony where buildings and houses can be built on, and be leased to earn MRST or tradable in NFT forms. In this Colony, you can enjoy sporting events, decorate houses, buy and create clothes, and whatever you can imagine the world is to be. You can even play games created by friends or you can be the creator on your own. Future awaits you in Mellow. Checkout our Whitepaper for more!

Jan 2022
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