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The Magi Series

Jx & Co and have created a rare series of high jewelry pieces that have one foot in the metaverse and another in our universe. The original design was carved in wax by hand and cast into precious metal using the ancient method of “lost wax” casting. The pendant is known as The Magi, whose gesture communicates a deep relationship in sacred geometry between square and circle. The Magi was 3D-scanned into the virtual community. With a total of 22 silver pieces, this series allows one user to burn 11 Silver Magi, creating a 1/1 exclusive gold NFT, which is redeemable for a physical 22kt gold Magi. The remaining silver NFTs receive a physical silver Magi in a wooden collectors box. The NFT will be on OpenSea as an animated certificate of authenticity. This is an opportunity to own a physical, hand crafted item to behold with an NFT that illustrates the symbols of The Magi via animation.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clark

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Jun 2021
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