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The Kiss (Cat Version)

The Kiss with a cat is a painting created by Inna Ruda as an hommage (or can we say meow-mmage) to the most famous painting by Gustav Klimt “The Kiss” (part of Belvedere Museum collection in Vienna). The painting portrays a man kissing a cat and is dedicated to people, who come home after a difficult day and need to kiss their cats.

The cat version of the painting became very popular with cat owners, with thousands of print purchases and reviews like: “My grandma is delighted”, “This is me with my cat”, “I want to have this print, sell it to me now”

The sincerely hope that the cat version of the Kiss will be seen as an expression of our deep respect and admiration for the original human version of the painting and Gustav Klimt, who loved cats a lot. You will receive an image of a piece of a Cat Kiss painting (one of 252) with coordinates of the row and column of where the tile is located.

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