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The John McAfee Files

The McAfee NFT’s are unique opportunity to own an authorized piece of John Mcafee’s fascinating and complex life.

In 2012 Canadian based IMPACT MEDIA acquired John McAfee’s exclusive IP rights to produce them for a multitude platforms and formats, ranging from a documentary to live events, documentary series , books, Feature Film and Multimedia, produced under the working title “Who Is McAfee?”

In 2012 his past and current life begun to be thoroughly documented, this process lasted over seven years leading to a great amount of interviews, pictures, documents, emails and incredible footage that more than often led to extremely bizarre out of hand situations and answers!

Over the next year a vast majority of these properties will published as NFT’s and eventually released in full format as the “Official Documentary” deconstructing The Myth, The Legend , The Man, thus separating fiction from reality while providing facts and answers on Who was John McAfee and what really happened

Jul 2021
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