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The Indigo Tribe - 02.22.2022

All Alek, Rankin Lele and Kush, three formidable Jamaican and international digital artists have collaborated with Inansi, the golden recipient of multiple Jamaican national art awards, to bring “The Indigo Tribe” NFT project to digital life. 02.22.2022 marks the first collaborative release for all of these artists in the NFT space.

All Alek, is the only female collaborator, and a multi-disciplinary award-winning artist in her own right. The rural Clarendon-born, Kingston-raised, Netherlands-based model added her artistry to the aptly titled “Ms.Town & Country” NFT. “Fashionfruit Femme” and “Ms. Coffeebean Queen” are the names of the remaining pieces, reanimated by Italian recording and digital artist Emanuele “Rankin Lele” Tafuro, and Jamaican filmmaker and digital editing maverick Mykal “Kush” Cushnie respectively. These final two pieces are based on Inansi artworks that received Silver medal awards from the National Gallery of Jamaica. Serendipity played a strong role in the development of this project and the final creations inadvertently form a triptych tale of the strength, charm and grace of the Jamaican woman.

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