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The imaginary entity - in collaboration with Vincent van Gogh

We believe that diversity is a driving force in the world to come and therefore connects with “A Future World” in many ways. Through our art, using new tech, deepening sociology, and working with scientists, studio KASBOEK creates artworks that have impact and sends technology designs in new directions as art driven innovations. Our ambition is to have changed your view on the world a little more than before. Currently we have collaborated with the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. How did he see the world and can we bring his viewpoint back to life? With the help of 'Artificial Intelligence' and our supervision, through the use of quotations from his letters, drawings and paintings that we put into the algorithm, KASBOEK and Van Gogh merged together and became a new imaginary entity. The output of this endeavor became a series of stills and animations. This project is in collaboration with Vincent Van GoghHuis, Zundert (birthplace) , The Netherlands.

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Oct 2022
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