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The Good Avocados

Private community of Good Avocado NFTs (Crypto Enthusiasts) each made from 186+ attributes showcasing their big personalities and superpowers.

Origin Story: Early in life our Avocados (Babycados) noticed that not all the others were growing the same. Some Cadokids were real nice, ripe with kindness and goodness. But for some reason, others were very rotten and unsavory. Noticing the negative impact the rotten bunch had on the community, the nice avocados formed a kindness alliance to reinforce the goodness of all avocados everywhere.

Mission & Purpose: United together by acts of kindness, the Good Avocados represent the inherent good found within each and every avocado anywhere. Bound together by a common goal, they find a great sense of acceptance, purpose and belonging.

All holders will receive 2 FREE additional NFTs from the derivative collections Guac Babies and Cado Kids, set to drop 2-3 weeks after this collection is sold out.

Jan 2022
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