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The Dark Horse by Bianca Bustamante

Gear up and defy all odds! The Dark Horse is a groundbreaking NFT Access Pass supporting 17 year old Filipino racing driver, Bianca Bustamante (@racerbia). The project is a new take on the traditional talent agency and early sponsorship functions – utilizing web3.0 technology that enables community growth, content, interaction and exclusivity to the users’ experience as well as airdrops, tokenization, and metaverse integration.

This supports the dreams of drivers like Bianca by eliminating the fiscal hurdles of a racer’s career through NFT sales. These 2000 Holders known as the BiaCrew, will be given unprecedented access to her inner circle. Make sure to click on the link in the bio & come along with us as we Gear Up & #DefyAllOdds with the BiaCrew.

May 2022
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