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The Dark Days

'The Dark Days' is a collection of 1/1 images that embodies my journey as a photographer living in the Arctic. Within the last four years, I have studied and photographed the Icelandic landscape deeply, trying to express the isolation and melancholy it detaches through my work.

Since I was a kid, I used photography as a form of expression and to create new worlds.

In 2016, I decided to leave my old life behind to move to Iceland. This volatile, unique and isolated landscape woke up something inside me.

Colossal structures towering in the horizon, silver streams illuminating the dark volcanic landscape, crater lakes with the bluest water I've ever seen or pinnacles standing alone among the endless black sand desert. This collection encapsulates my love for these dark places. I feel humbled here and I've found endless inspiration in the darkest days.

First 10 collectors will receive a 1/10 artwork. All collectors have the chance to receive a 22"x36" fine art print of their piece.

Sep 2021
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