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The Consumption

The Consumption project is a collection of digital artworks meant to raise awareness of the problem of consumerism.

Consumerism results in nothing but a substitution of values, which negatively affects our relationship with one another and our relationships with the planet, too.

Let’s talk facts. A shocking 85% of clothes produced by the textile industry end up in landfills or burned, while an average person wastes nearly a third of all food they purchased.

The narrative and the key idea of the project can be easily traced in each work of the series. For instance, a donat on a plate symbolizes a vicious circle of consumption. At the same time, the form of the circle reminds us of a lifebuoy – that’s the artist’s way of saying that the key to salvation is in our hands. Animated, the word “Consumption” symbolizes a conveyer producing new stuff non-stop. A piece of crumpled fabrics with the word “Consumption” on it is yet another allusion to fast fashion.

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