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The Calder Question - Nonspace

Attention: please check the status of the Nonspace NFT by ID number on to verify the NFT's state before you purchase.

Jointly developed by Calder Foundation and TRLab, The Calder Question is the first official NFT experience dedicated to pioneering 20th Century artist Alexander Calder. The experience takes appreciation for fine art to another level: it is an innovative, education-driven digital collecting journey that brings you closer to an artist and their legacy like never before.

The Calder Question will challenge participants’ assumptions about Calder and deepen their understanding of his art, culminating in a singular opportunity to collect limited-edition NFTs created specifically for this partnership. The Calder Foundation will use the proceeds to establish a new conservation fund for the restoration of Calder sculptures.

Season 1 of The Calder Question focuses on Calder mobiles. To unlock the season's NFT artworks, you must collect and properly assemble Nonspace NFTs. Nonspace NFTs are elements of a Calder mobile—wires, sheets of metal, photographs, sketches, and more. They function like puzzle pieces that, when assembled correctly, unlock access to an exclusive NFT sale of the artworks. They can also be redeemed for exclusive rewards from the Calder Foundation and TRLab, including books, collectible items, and VIP access to special events.

Oct 2022
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