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Terranus Last Supper

In another iteration of the famous play "Forever Supper" the end of time has really just begun. Terranus in his infinite appetite is ready to devour a course of delicious planetoids and stellar wine. Around him are six Automata that will help achieve the goal without any anomalies. Mere protocols engineered at the beginning of time as a constant reminder that all things have an end.

God Emperor Terranus the Saviour of Humanity and now the End. After hundreds of thousands of years, his mission is now near complete, and only one last action remains. For a new beginning, there must first be an end. And what better ending than a happy one at the supper table, eating one last meal? Terranus brought to his mind all the suppers he had back when he was still in human form. Suppers with friends and loved ones, with colleagues, and alone. He remembers the conversations, the sharing of good news, the laughter. He releases the protocol codes and the Automata begins the destruction. With surgical moves they strip layer after layer of human activity, devouring all life and leaving the planetoids bare and ready for the new cycle.

Like a tired man taking his supper after a long day of work, satisfied but also sad. As above so below, the symmetry is stunning.

This is an Expansion Pack for Forever Supper, the biggest cryptoart collaboration. Claim your free Core and customise it with the Expansions you collect here:

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Apr 2023
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