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TDR Bingo

// Eyes Down!

TDRBingo® is the first TDR™XNFT action delivered unto you by The Designers Republic™ and Divine Rights.

TDRBingo® is a ‘numbers game’ — a collection of 253 X 001/001 unique and exclusive artworks. Remade / remodelled ( and maybe re-usable ) bespoke number-based designs referencing iconic TDR™ output — from commercially unattainable TDR™ fonts to hi-profile hijacked digits — from the future right up to Right Now.

// Communication by any means necessary!

TDRBingo® is a project powered by its audience. #ReclaimTheEther and help TDR™ Battle the Blahs! Be a part of the community, connect to TDR™ and gain Divine Rights’ superpowers.

For now, a Divine Rights NFT ‘allows you to be the sole owner of a digital TDR™ product, with demonstrable provenance’ for the first time and forever more. Permanently yours until you decide otherwise. Buy / trade / collect / swap / sell... Try it — you might like it.

Mar 2022
Creator earnings
  • Number: 01