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Tangerine Daydreams by ANKA

In the tropical paradise of Jeju Island, where vibrant tangerines flourish amidst lush greenery and volcanic hills, lies a dream of escape for many weary city-dwellers of Korea. While a permanent holiday surrounded by tangerines and bathed in sunshine remains just a dream for most, for acclaimed artist/illustrator Minjeong Kang (ANKA), it’s a lived reality. Having used her art to escape the hustle-and-bustle of city life, in “Tangerine Daydreams,” ANKA uses the island’s citrus as a symbol to reflect on the sweetness of youthful dreams. Now a parent herself, her work is full of quaint colors and vintage hues that reads like postcards from the present to the past, capturing the nostalgia and innocence of escapism- whether to an island paradise or back to childhood memories.

Jan 2024
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