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Tamar Karavan

Tamar Karavan is one of Israel’s leading photographers. She is also a mother, an artist, children’s art therapist, and a fashion personality. Tamar graduated Bezalel Academy of Arts and today she combines the love of photography and fashion together in her projects. Tamar works across a variety of fields – from music videos to fashion and psychology. Tamar studied psychology and using art to do therapy work with children.

Tamar’s works are influenced by her experiences as a woman and as a human. Equipped with her camera, an open mind, courage, and zero desire to please her surroundings, she transforms her thoughts and feelings into exciting and thought-provoking images. “The Tear Drop” series is about how despite the difficulties we experience as women and even when the pain is deep in our heart, we will stand up straight and beautiful and try to hide it, in front of the world. The tear, small and salty, is the evidence of the breaking out, in its symbolic way.

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