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Tales from the Blockchain - 100 short stories about life, death and crypto

Tales from the Blockchain is a collection of NFT-based sci-fi flash fiction about life, death and crypto.

These stories may only take a few minutes to read, but they’ll keep you thinking for days. Think Black Mirror with added blockchain.

Only those who purchase the NFT can read the story, via a secret, password-protected link in the OpenSea unlockable content section.

Those who purchase the NFT will also receive an invite link to a private Discord server, an exclusive reading group where where you can chat to the author.

There will only ever be 100 NFTs of each story. The drop price of each story is just 0.01 ETH. A portion of the sales of each story will be used to increase the floor price of the previous story.

The Tales from the Blockchain collection is by Enzo Chul Ortega, a British-Argentinian author and crypto-enthusiast, based in Buenos Aires.

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