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Tal Lazar

Tal Lazar, graphic designer and an illustrator-cartoonist, has worked for leading newspapers and magazines in Israel. Art Director at Israel Hayom, Maariv and Ha-ir magazine. Published illustrations and cartoons for Maariv and illustrated Yair Nitzani’s weekly publication at “Shishabat” weekend magazine in Israel Hayom newspaper. The series describes with a smile everyday situations of desperation and disappointment of the little things ordinary people encounter at their daily routine, as traffic, catching coronavirus, recovering from coronavirus (and getting back to work…), eating falafel with no fries, and everything ends with the same reaction: “kosomo” (“damn it”, sort of). In addition to these are also famous world leaders and politicians as Russian president Putin and Israeli prime minister Bennet, reacting with the same word - kosomo - only to much larger problems. Done with a free hand cartoon style mainly black and white line. טל לזר מעצב גרפי וקריקטוריסט-מאייר

Jun 2022
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