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T I E R 9 9 is a revolutionary project with blockchain-related functions offering a real deep videogame metaverse. We create the Tierverse to solve the actual monolytic project problems, opening access to our own videogames and third companies to our community. Our catalog is focused on competitive games growing them to eSports scenarios.

With our knowledge, T I E R 9 9 is a bridge between traditional videogame ecosystem and NFT games.

T I E R 9 9 promotes P2E gaming increasing your experience with our T-NFT. The point where a NFT lives and dies in a game, it's over. NFT transversals allows their utilization in the different games of our catalog, increasing exponentially their power and value.

T I E R 9 9 builds an ecosystem to bring active and passive incomes to our players, using our mechanics, leveling their items, fusion, trading, being investors and multiplying their chances as a result.

T I E R 9 9 is a change. The Revolution starts today.

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Jul 2023
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