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you wake up on a sandy beach...

all you can remember is the shaking of the plane as the wings snapped off, and the lurch of gravity as you plummeted into the ocean. your head hurts. your body aches. you are afraid. you are confused. you are worried.

you shake off some of the fatigue and struggle to your feet. you notice you are not alone. thousands of survivers litter the shores of the island, all stumbling along with you.

a flashing glint of glass catches your eye. a bottle has washed up on shore with a message in it. you read the message:

"welcome to the island. do as i command and you will survive."

suddenly, an ominous voice whispers in your subconscious:

"hello, i am the deity and welcome to my island. when all the survivers have awoken, it will be time to start the ritual. follow my rules and all will be okay."

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Mar 2022
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