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Supernatural Delight

"Supernatural Delight" is a collection which when finished will contain 50 images (+16 to original buyers), all 1/1s, showcasing images I've captured of the Moon & Sun. First drop with 16 images.

Since I was young I was captivated by the beauty of our moon, the way it lights up landscapes is dreamlike. The passion for this series sparked when New Zealand went into its first lockdown due to Covid-19. I found myself in a dark place, I felt alone. Being locked up inside knowing I'm bound by the walls of my house was difficult. In my darkest times I would climb the mountain behind my house, being alone in nature with nothing but me, my camera and the moon. I formed an intimate relationship that distracted me from all the stresses and worries in my life. Photography was therapeutic for me.

Capturing the Sun's last light has a lot of meaning to me, it brings an end to the day but the beginning of a night. That speaks to me, no matter how bad your day went there is always a tomorrow.

Aug 2021
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