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Sunken B-Sides Series

The Polaroid series “Sunken B-Sides” began as an experimental technique. My analog B-sides created a chemical reaction within those iconic borders. Applying elements with the magic of nature, literary references and prolonged time emitted a photographic alchemy recipe of manipulation. The process yielded results that are abstract expressions which soon became a premonition of the future. The deterioration of our ways of life, social unrest and political injustices unfolding while my instant film technique decayed in lockdown period. Beginning a “Quarantine” era of my work, I am searching for sunken treasure in a sea of uncertainty. Panning for rare gold among this new frontier in the time of Corona. I believe that behind every dark cloud is a silver lining of beauty. In this new wisdom, freedom and truth work together to establish results of transformation.

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Feb 2021
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