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Summer Sun by RED Dao

In their first collaboration, Quantum Art and RED Dao are thrilled to offer Summer Sun, a 75-piece digital fashion photography collection. Featuring work by Jeremy Cowart, Marilyn Hue, Rielle Oase, Julie Pacino, and Ismail Zaidy, this dynamic drop presents a range of styles and perspectives that emphasize how fashion continues to define self-expression in web3 and beyond.

JEREMY COWART has spent the past 15 years as a photographer, specializing in celebrity portraiture and humanitarian photography projects around the world. Before becoming a photographer, he spent time as both an abstract painter and a graphic designer.

Born & raised in Southern California, MARILYN HUE is a part of a new generation of entrepreneurs in the era of Social Media.

It’s not often artists will look to themselves as a source of inspiration, but for Marilyn, highlighting the many different sides of her personality has been the calling card to her growing success.

Though most commonly known for her portraits and capturing streetwear, Marilyn continued her passion in digital art. She currently works as the lead creative for OWSLA & Skrillex. In addition, Marilyn is the co-founder of OK COOL™ Studios, where her design prowess and ideation shine.

Homeschooled her entire childhood, RIELLE OASE's work is an inquiry into the social structures she wasn't privy to as a kid. Her work celebrates the oddity of human behavior by embracing awkwardness. Beginning college at the age of 13, photography became an exercise in understanding social hierarchies that existed around her. Rielle found similar disconnections in the relationship between fashion and reality and explores those boundaries as a fashion photographer in Los Angeles.

JULIE PACINO features subjects that exist between binaries and their expected roles. Her films and photographs spark conversations about the interplay between sexuality and power, the communal and the autocratic, and frequently use psychological horror to embody existing power structures. Her most recent NFT collection, Keepers of the Inn, is the first NFT project to fund a feature film.

​A self-taught Moroccan photographer, ISMAIL ZAIDY experimented with various creative fields before landing on photography. He draws inspiration from his family and heritage .

Artist: Julie Pacino

Aug 2022
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