Subito Zeitlos - Attachment

Last updated: October 18th, 2021 at 10:10 PM

The album Attachment interweaves memories, audio recordings and emotions of past years into an idiosyncratic blend of über-pop, sonic fiction and computer jazz. It is an attempt to make sense of an abundance of impressions and experiences. Ghosts of the past leave voice messages and dance to hauntosonoric rhythms and zaubermelodies.

Originally conceived as experimental movie the album has the qualities of a soundtrack. Instead of compressed frontal sounds common in pop-music, the field recordings open a wide aural space. Soundscapes from Hong Kong, London, New York, São Paulo and Switzerland coalesce as if in a lucid dream.

Subito Zeitlos believes in copyleft and the internet as a source of free exchange of ideas and creativity. By offering this album, the artwork and two music videos as NFT-originals, we value singular art as well as creative commons. Therefore we want to challenge the hypertrophe streaming economy and shift the focus to quality instead of quantity.

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