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About this collection

ERC 721

2006 - in this year these 20 pictures were designed.

Inspired by the English picture series "Infinitys", I designed around 150 pictures at that time. Some of them have up to 200 layers. Many were printed on canvas and exhibited. Since then they have been lying dormant on a small external hard drive. Almost doomed to dissolve in the steadily weakening magnetic field of the data carrier.

And so I reactivated them this year. - 16 years later. In fact, 15 pictures were no longer readable and are probably lost forever. Of the remaining ones, I have now re-saved my 20 favourite images and am posting them here as NFT. In the hope that they will still be nice to look at in another 16 years :-)

Available items300
The "Streams 1-20" series

"Stream 1-20" is a collection of 20 unique images by Kai Rogbart limited to 300 collectible pieces.

Consists of a variety of stunning visual representations of flowing energies and colors. From streams of pure energy streaming in all directions to clear geometric shapes appearing out of nowhere, each composition offers a unique experience for the viewer. In each painting there is a complex overlay of shapes and planes created by a subtle combination of light and shadow. The compositions contain both organic and graphic elements that together create an artificial energy and dynamism that draw the viewer into a world of depth and power. The colors vary from deep blues and yellows to bright reds, and are always in motion to create the illusion of fluid objects. The series of images "Streams 1-20" is an impressive visual experience that draws the viewer into a world full of energy and movement.

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Ready for High Resolution FineArt-Print

All pictures are available in high resolution of 15748 by 7874 pixels. (200dpi) Thus they are designed for an output size of 2.00 by 1.00 metres (78.74 x 39.37"). They can be printed digitally on canvas and then framed.

Bright colours, high contrast

As a fine art print in good quality on good material, the images provide bright colours and high contrast in the light. Their richness of detail means that you can constantly discover new things in them. An eye-catcher on every wall.

Example: Stream 16/20

stream sixteen of twenty - A wild play of yellow and blue colors that transports the viewer into a world of energy and movement. The clever arrangement of organic shapes and typographic elements creates a complex composition that is further enhanced by the interplay of light and shadow. In the midst of this energy, clear, geometric forms emerge, whose sharpness and precision create an exciting contrast to the organic flows.

Example: Stream 05/20

Stream five of twenty - The section 18 to 29 from a stream of liquid energy. Shapes stream from left to right in light and color. The representation of plastic forms in an expanding stream of depth and power. The urge of continuous movement through space and time in a play of colors, form and light. A composition of organic-looking forms with graphic and typographic elements.

All Streams

As mentioned above, this is a selection of my 20 favourite pictures from a series of 150. Each one is unique and yet they all follow the same stream.

Kai Rogbart

After my studies in Munich in 1984 the Apple Macintosh came out. A revolutionary computer that was to turn the world of graphic design upside down. I bought my first one the same year. With 128kb of main memory and a 300kb floppy drive. Plus an ImageWriter dot matrix printer with 144 dpi. I painted my first - pixelated - pictures with the application "MacPaint" and printed them on the dot matrix printer.

You can hardly imagine that today :-)

Over the years, newer and faster Macs were added. The software got better. Aldus PageMaker and Quark XPress and the first version of Adobe Photshop came out. Slowly you could really work with it.

And so, over the years, alongside my work as an art director in a German advertising agency, many new images were created. I would like to offer some of the more than 1000 images here, along with many new images that have only just been created.

Example: Stream 15/20

Stream fifteen of twenty - A composition of strictly geometric shapes that appears to be an architectural structure. The shapes are in cool, metallic colors, creating an atmosphere of coldness and abstraction. The composition creates a fascinating tension between hard, geometric shapes and soft, organic forms. The colors create an atmosphere of luxury and opulence.

Example: Stream 6/20

Stream six of twenty - Sharp edges cut through a deep blue. The impression is created that the blue glows from within, creating a fascinating depth. Within this expansive blue stretches a yellow stream that moves with unstoppable force toward a broad mass of geometric elements. The organic forms appear alive and seem to move in the current of energy. Graphic and typographic elements meet in this composition and create a harmonious union.