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Stray Cats P1

Stray Cats NFT Collections Part One 121 minted Part Two 54 minted TOTAL 175 The Stray Cats NFT collection will be included in the 'Cat Named Toast' Token airdrops approximately two weeks after the token launch. The airdrop will proceed regardless of whether the collection is fully minted. Fewer owners will result in larger individual token airdrops. Reflections from Token Volume: The Stray Cats NFT collection will receive reflections from the Cat Named Toast Token in Baby Yolo for a total of six months, distributed monthly. The amount of reflection depends on the trading volume of the token and other factors, which might result in a minimal amount or potentially zero. These reflections will also proceed regardless of the full minting of the collection, with fewer owners benefiting from larger reflections. Lifetime Membership Benefits: Holders of the Stray Cats NFT collection will be considered lifelong members, making them eligible for any future airdrops.

Apr 2024
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