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About this collection

ERC 721

Strangers HQ is a generative PFP project created by Collective Strangers and artist Nick Kuchar. Discover your Stranger and join our journey to build the future of Web3 travel and experiences.

Created by our team of experienced Web3 veterans, travel industry professionals and world class creative artists; Strangers is utilizing blockchain technology to enhance the ever expanding travel space.

This whimsical collection of characters is an ode to exploration and finding meaning in shared experiences. The launch of Strangers marks Nick's first NFT collection after more than a decade creating world renown art and working with some of the biggest global brands.

6500 Stranger collectibles, now boarding. Please prepare for takeoff!

Items minted5,000
Strangers HQ

Strangers, please prepare for takeoff!

The Future of Travel

Strangers HQ is building the future of travel and experiences. We are focused on impacting your travel itinerary and each major moment. From the flights you take to the place you stay and every activity in-between. We are creating a world where blockchain technology enhances every moment of the experiences you share IRL. Your memories should live forever.

A Connected Community

We know that the best moments of any trip come when you get a true "locals only" experience. Strangers HQ is cultivating a connected community who are passionate about sharing and learning as we travel the globe together.

Meet the Creator: Nick Kuchar

Nick Kuchar is an Oahu based artist inspired by adventure, modern design, and the early days of surf culture.

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