Storytelling Traveler - Pakistan Collection

The Storytelling Traveler Pakistan Collection are 1/1 editions available only on OpenSea. All images are 1936 x 1936 @ 240 ppi. These images were created in 2015 using an iPod Touch with the Hipstamatic App, all images are presented as they were created "in camera".

Images in this collection were shot in Karachi and Lahore.

As a photojournalist, I often worked in the streets with large and unmistakable equipment. When I travel, I convert my phone into a digital Holga. Beginning in 2010, I used apps on my devices that would mimic the Holga effect AS THE IMAGE WAS SHOT. As a film photographer, I enjoy capturing  images on black and white film and never seeing the color version. It’s  one of my biggest issues with digital photography.

All collectors will be airdropped a separate and rare Pakistan Collection NFT token that comes w/VIP perks.

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