Storytelling Traveler - Europe Collection

The Storytelling Traveler European Collection contains 120 NFTs of 1 of 1 editions available only on OpenSea with a starting price point of 0.20. All images are 1720px x 1720px with a white border (as shot in “camera") and are 72 DPI.

Images in this collection were shot in Annecy, Alpe d'Huez, Paris, Riva del Garda, Rome and Napoli.

When I travel, I convert my phone into a digital Holga. When possible, I take my actual film Holga with me, but as a minimalist, it tends to take up too much space in my tiny travel backpack. So, beginning in 2010, I used apps on my devices that would mimic the Holga effect AS THE IMAGE WAS SHOT. As a film photographer, I enjoy capturing images on black and white film and never seeing the color version.

The Euro collection was shot on an early 2011 Android with an app called Vignette that allowed me to mimic the moody and unpredictable aspects of the Holga I love so much.

120 results