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Stories, Fictions, Lies

A collection of NFTs of my short stories, flash fictions, maybe an essay or two, maybe something else I haven't even considered yet. If you like my writing and want to support it - then you could buy one of the cheap-as-chips and common-as-muck $1 NFTs. These ones will be minted in batches of ten or twenty. There will be more limited runs of higher-priced NFTs (they will be highly-prized and enormously expensive at some point, of course, and so are great investment opportunities) as well as a few unique mints (which will come with added extras such as being able to get me to create a new bespoke version of the story bent in ways you specify, including characters of your choosing, deviating and branching from the original version, and thus making a new version which will in turn be solidified within an NFT, a free copy of which will be transferred to you on creation). Or something. Let me know if you have any suggestions about what I should include here...

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