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the NFTS Stamps

THE STAMPS, COLLECTIONS 1:THE HATS completa con 20 obras. 2:GEO NATURE completa con 20 obras 3:LINEAS completa con 20 obras 4:CARPENTRY OF THE NFTS completa con 30 obras 5:CRYPTO PIXELES completa con 30 obras ---LA IDEA: LO QUE UNE A TODAS LAS COLECCIONES IMPERFECT DIGITAL ART existential triangle, in the center, thoughts and attitudes, at its vertices, the environment, the psyche and coins. DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Each image, each digital work, is a concept, a word, which together form a language in the language and characteristics of each observer, thus erasing many geographical barriers. That is what the different collections that I present are about. #artistsoninstagram #digitalartist #artwork

Jul 2022
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