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SpooKeys exist to access the Spooky Boys Mansion Party and the additional benefits available only to Members of the Spooky Boys Country Club.

If you own a Spooky Boys Country Club Ghost NFT, you can own an additional Spooky Boys Mansion Party NFT via the uncloaking power of SpooKeys (2 bronze, 1 silver, or 1 gold required to uncloak). Search for the number of your Ghost in the Mansion Party collection to determine if a key has already been used on any particular Ghost. Our bespoke technology uncloaks your Spooky Boy Ghost, burns the key/s (not the Ghost) and mints you a NEW corresponding-numbered Mansion Boy NFT.

Update: The last Mansion Party 1:1 is still out there waiting to be minted. Will you be lucky enough to uncloak ROBO-ZILLA?

Check out our Cloaked Spooky Boys:

Determine if Your Ghost has already been Uncloaked:

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