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Splitting the Atom by The Richard Bernstein Estate

"Splitting the Atom" by Richard Bernstein is a collection of 61 total items across 3 unique works. "Andy Warhol with Red Paint" includes a 30”X30” print on archival paper. All token holders at the time of Richard's gallery exhibition in May will gain entry to a VIP party in New York. The primary purchasers of "Andy Warhol with Red Paint" and any of the "Andy Warhol Wallpaper" colors will receive a copy of the out of print book MEGA STAR by Paloma Picasso and Andrea Leon Talley.

Richard Bernstein was the first Pop Artist to use computer-generated graphics in the early-80s to create fine art. He called this new technology “splitting the atom” - showing viewers what is possible in the creation of art. Richard was the nucleus by which Andy and Grace Jones’ careers burst with energy and excitement, which is why these two iconic figures were chosen for the genesis NFT drop. Andy once said, "fame only lasted so long, Richard's legacy and art lives forever."


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Feb 2022
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  • Medium: Mixed media