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Space Pirates Secret Club - VALKYRS

Space Pirates Secret Club - Collection one - VALKYRS edition

Collection 01 | 20 = 275 NFTs

VALKYRS are the result of the cloning experiment conducted by Dr.Willi of "Kyria Valheim", former commander of the imperial forces and current 1st Captain of the SPSC. She possesses superhuman abilities due to the fact that she has been restored with cybernetic pieces almost entirely due to the incident during the invasion of planet Lerth 05Z. Kyria has sworn allegiance to the SPSC and along with her 274 clones of hers they are one of the most powerful forces in the club besides being super Foxy.

Favorite quote: "Whatever happens to your body, your soul will survive, untouched..."

Favorite Weapons:

short range: Kroiter 75mm | Long Range: Auger Blaster | Melee: Commando Hammer Knife | Throwable: sticky bomb | Defense: close range shield

Twitter: @spacepiratesSC


creator Twitter: @willigoen

Mar 2022
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