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Birthstone Gods of Fire

In this Genesis Collection, artist S. P. Harper answers by focusing on the intersection between refuse and objects d’art. Products change from valuable to worthless and re-emerge desirable. Part of eco-centric art, aka neo-materialism, inspired by her diamantaire (diamond cutter) grandfather, Harper sculpts and paints abstract geometrics using reclaimed materials, synthesizing historical and contemporary styles by mixing the classical tradition of still-life with modernism.

Through reforming and re-employing elements, her work reduces, re-uses and up-cycles. Applying diverse media such as discarded tablecloth, curtain and wall paper, Harper employs disciplines including Final Cut Pro, Logic, jigsaw, sewing, oil and acrylic painting. Backgrounds vanish behind opaque oil paint and subtly reappear through transparent gem dust and acrylic wash. Gods of Fire have been chosen as gemstone representations. Eternal flames emerge from facets of jewels to reflect and transfix.

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Aug 2022
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