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Sinners Only Saints Forbidden - SOSF (Luka)

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MINT on 1st December 2023

“Sinners Only Saints Forbidden” (S.O.S.F.) is a collection of 10,000 rare and unique version of the character Luka as non-fungible tokens (NFTs); celebrating Multiculturalism, Mental Health and LGBTQ+.

Each drawing is a unique and rare digital collectible living on the Ethereum blockchain. They are part of a generative art collection with a combination of around 300 unique traits drawn by hand by the famous crypto artist Universalium.

Your SOSF NFT doubles as your membership card, and grants you access to members-only benefits, to be unlocked collaboratively with all collectors. Future areas and perks can also be unlocked by the community through the realistic roadmap activation.

Visit for more details.

Nov 2022
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