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Good Deed Trains < CITY OF GOOD DEEDS > by SOS Children's Villages

The SOS Good Deed Trains are here to help you take 1000 vulnerable children from Romania on the very journey of their life! The series is limited, they are all unique and they are a main part of the AuthoriToys -The City of Good Deeds Collection!

The City of Good Deeds was designed to offer the opportunity to invest crypto earnings into real life impact digital assets. Vulnerable children depend on good people and this is your chance to contribute with a small amount, which has impact for an entire life.

Donate and you’ll receive your favorite collectible Train as a gift, as a daily reminder of your impact in 1000 vulnerable children’s future.

You can print it or use it as a wallpaper for your phone if you wish to keep it for yourself, or you can trade it further and continue to contribute for the children – we receive royalties for each sale! You can trade with your friends who wish to donate for the children and become Citizens of The City of Good Deeds!

Jan 2023
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