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Sonic Mandalas: Blue Period

"Sonic Mandalas: Blue Period" is the world first ever NFT Series of Singing Bowl Music live on ETH blockchain.

Every owners of this NFT Collection is eligible to get access to listen to the entire series of seven songs of singing bowl music at the designated website - address can be found in unlockable content - to be launched in May 2022.

"Sonic Mandalas: Blue Period" is the first NFT series for purifying your soul and spreading mindfulness through the vivid application of sound frequency by Singing Bowl Performer Tsang Man-Tung.

About Tsang Man-tung

Hong Kong Artist, renowned scenographer, Himalayan singing bowl performer. He has been the special research fellow at Yale School of Drama and is the founder of Allpamama. Tsang has devoted himself on stage as scenographer for over 20 years, with design over 200 works. He has been crowned for numerous local and international awards over the years including "Silver Prize for Set Design" at World Stage Design 2017.


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