Soccer Battle Original Concept Art NFTs

This is your chance to own a part of Soccer Battle history! The Soccer Battle Original Concept Art NFTs collection contains the original concept artwork for six of the most popular battlers in the game.

  1. Original concept art for Bolt (1-of-1 Edition)
  2. Original concept art for Chlorine (1-of-1 Edition)
  3. Original concept art for Snap (1-of-1 Edition)
  4. Original concept art for Decathlon (1-of-1 Edition)
  5. Original concept art for Pow (1-of-1 Edition)
  6. Soccer Battle original concept art for Hook (100 Editions)

We have verified that the concept art featured in these NFT's is what our 3D modeler used to create the actual battlers in the game!

These NFTs are an official product of Soccer Battle and DoubleTap Software LLC.

Verification: [email protected]

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