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Sleepy Creeps

Lurking outside your window at night, scraping down a dark hallway, shifting under your bed, something is keeping you too scared to close your eyes. The Sleepy Creeps are coming...

Long ago they were peaceful magical creatures in a protected ancient woodland. When human society encroached, a great battle was brewing, but a group of children, who the magical creatures trusted, betrayed them at the pivotal moment. With terrible losses and their home land destroyed, the magical creatures had to transform to survive in the human world.

The Sleepy Creeps were born. Their bodies and magic evolved to darker forms. Some still cling on to hope for living in peace with human children, but many embrace a singular focus...revenge on them all!

Their world is now living in the shadows and bedtime stories of ours. Waiting for the for kids to be alone and most vulnerable, when they sleep.

The Sleepy Creeps are coming...

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Sep 2021
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