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In a dark kingdom, shadows whisper tales of grief, a warrior's heart forged in sorrow's fire. His sword, a silvered tongue of vengeance, speaks in the language of bloodshed, carving arcs of defiance against the night's tyranny. Through haunted streets and forsaken alleys, he prowls, a lone sentinel of justice amid the abyss. Fierce eyes ablaze with fury, he wages a relentless war against the darkness, a tempest of retribution for the ones he once held dear. With each strike, he seeks to quench the thirst of his blade with the blood of those who wrought devastation upon the defenseless. He stands unyielding, a guardian of the light in a realm consumed by shadows. And as the echoes of his defiance reverberate through the land, the SLAYER X7, as this warrior is called, moves ever closer to his ultimate goal: to vanquish the rule of evil and seek vengeance for them who are forever lost but never forgotten.

Mar 2024
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